Nope, this is not the standard WordPress Post, I just feel that Hello World is a nice way to say Hello to the blogging world again after such a long hiatus. Well yes, I’m back, but this time I’ll be doing more blog posts about photography.

Who am I?

For those who don’t know me yet or have not checked out the About Us page, my name is everywhere on this website, it’s on the address bar, it’s on the logo and it’s on the page title, yep, I am Gyver Chang. It’s pronounced as Guy-Ver, not driver – the way my name is pronounced by 99.9% of people that read my name for the very first time. It’s ok, I’m long used to it. 🙂

I’m a true blue Singaporean and I’m proud of it. Surprisingly I have not turned into a Vietnamese after living here for close to 4 years, maybe it’s because I return home very frequently thanks to Jetstar & Tiger Airways. Sometimes I fly back home just to enjoy some Prata and Nasik Lemak(And to meet my friends and family of course) when I am tried of eating Phở and Bánh Mì here in Sài Gòn.

What do I do?

I am a freelance photographer that doesn’t specialize in any particular field. I don’t specialize but I have a number of subjects that I love to capture the a lot, these are my favorite subjects: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Interior Real Estate, Couple/Weddings, food and moments. Do check out my gallery to have a look at the wide variety of subjects I capture.

What is my website/blog about?

I’ll be writing about everything under the sun, especially so about photography.


What about photography you might ask. Since I am going even deeper into photography, I will be updating my readers about my personal photography projects, articles about photography and yes – you guess it right, behind the scenes(BTS) of my commercial photography shoots.

Other than being so into photography, I’m also equally crazy about gadgets(not just photography gadgets). When I get my hands on new gadgets, I’ll definitely do reviews about them so you guys can make informed decisions before putting hundreds of dollars or even thousands on dollars on these gadgets.

What kind of audience do I hope will read my blog?

Basically anyone, especially so for anyone that is interested in photography or simply want to know what’s Gyver Chang Photography Services is up to. It’s also good for people that would like to potentially work with us(not me) in the future, to know that there is a voice behind the faceless website.

This blog will be updated regularly so don’t forget to visit this website once a while!

Do check out other pages of this website and have a great day ahead!


Author Gyver Chang

Free Lance Photographer, Singaporean away in Saigon. He is a photographer that loves to capture virtually anything on earth in the most beautiful way.

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