Interior Photography

Professional Interior Photography services that gets as much in as possible in one shot.

We are equipped with specialized lenses and equipment, this allow us to capture as much as possible in one shot. With our equipment and our experience, we can make even the smallest room look spacious. If the lighting of your property is not adequate, we have a set of portable lighting system to enhance the ambiance of your interior.

All photos will be professionally retouched, distortion free and delivered within 24 hours ready for use for any purpose.

Our Interior Photography services are perfect for the following uses:

  • To be presented in property Brochures
  • For presentation to potential Rental Tenants or Property Investors
  • Use for Corporate Websites
  • Many other usages

Our Interior Photography services are available in Singapore, Vietnam and worldwide.

Interior Real Estate Photography: The Anchorage

June 1, 2016

Interior Real Estate Photography: ICON

May 26, 2016

ABC Bakery Danang Cafe

May 11, 2016


Why choose Gyver Chang Photography Services?

Our photography packages gives you the best flexibility in pricing and scales very well depending on your needs and your requirements. The best of all? We do not compromise the quality regardless of the price and every shoot will be carried out by a professional photographer.

What you will get from any of our photography package:

  • High quality photos captured through the eyes and lens of a professional photographer
  • High resolution photos(Up to 22megapixels) suitable for most uses such as web, social media, marketing activities and corporate use.
  • *NEW* Ultra High Resolution photos(Up to 50 megapixels) suitable for those that want every single detail captured in pure clarity. Photos that are of this quality can be printed in huge sizes.*
  • Fast delivery of photos, deliverable will be delivered within 3-5days. Express services are available as an add on.
  • All photos will be hosted online indefinitely with 99.9% uptime(Terms & Conditions applies) with your own personal link, for example: Clients will be free to share this link with family, friends and colleges.
  • RAW Files will be kept in our servers for up to 2 years, giving you the choice to request additional retouching of the photos at a later date.

    *extra charges applies

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